Plasmonics Research Published in CNF Cornell’s “The NanoMeter”

Plasmonics, Inc. has published an article summarizing its research on our circular polarizer infrared device (CPIR) in The NanoMeter. In this publication, we delve into a brief overview of the techniques and equipment utilized in the small volume production of this device. We were very proud to have the photo from this research chosen to be on the cover of this issue of The NanoMeter. The image pictured below contains an SEM image of a single flake dispersed upon a glass slide. 

Andrew Warren Cover NanoMeter (PNG)









The CPIR device conceived by Plasmonics consists of a ground plane, a linear polarizer, and the meander line structures in order to achieve a passive output of circularly polarized light. The main difficulty of this project was a small volume production process. However, the Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF), was well equipped to provide a solution to our predicament. To learn more about our process and our CPIR device, you can read the article that has been posted on Cornell’s website.